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Индивидуум - Человечество - ноль (LP, 2012) [SCL031]

This last day leaving 2012, our label decided to present a gift.
And so essence. Eugene Yanchenko wrote down a new album. And this time I will tell that it simply abrupt. On extremely measure if to compare to its previous works. Probably it is peak of his individual creativity. Despite the monotonous and minimalistic style of the Individual inherent in records, an album left various. Tracks are filled with various croaking solo parties, dynamics. On an album there are tool compositions, what even surprises a little. The only weak place is rhythm section. It should have departed after all completely from a canon and to call present concert and rehearsal structure for record.
I very much liked this album. It strongly sounds, the Individual develops towards the garage punk, certainly peculiar and yet without an epigonstvo of Civil Defence, and a konkovsky formation.


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